Something good is happening…

It is so fascinating to watch life unfold, to watch my own growth.  I’ve been paying attention to things that have been changing recently.  I noticed today that I can say for the first time that I have developed a secure trust in myself, specifically in my ability to choose. My actual ability to choose or intuit hasn’t changed, but my confidence in that ability has.
I no longer second and third-guess. And that is a big deal for me.

This has been a long time coming, since I used to constantly question my conclusions. I was pretty sure they were alright, but I always felt “iffy” until I got some kind of reassurance or confirmation from another source. Today is the first day I realized that I don’t rely on it like a crutch anymore. Of course additional confirmation is welcome and sometimes appropriate, but in general the feeling of insecurity related to this is gone.

I have been given a lot of tools and blessings. I know how to use them for their intended purposes. So I am using them! Without worry or wondering. It’s such a feeling of freedom!!

I am strong and I am good to go! /flex

This is about how I feel ;)
Cape Perpetua, Oregon Coast

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