Long time no blog. And some stuff about insecurities.

I’ve been meaning to blog for some time. Thoughts come flitting in and out of my mind constantly, but I never seem to be near my computer when that happens. But here I am, sitting at my computer.  So I have no excuse.

What is on my mind? This.
I have been thinking about insecurities all day. I don’t like to admit I have them (who does?). I do just fine in my everyday life, thank you very much, being all independent and Katie-like. Then once in awhile out of the blue, something unexpected, and sometimes un-pinpointable (that’s not a word but I don’t care) will test it and voila – there they are. And then I spend some time struggling with their existence.

Insecurities are like when an animal hears a particular noise and associates it with something scary. From that point on, their fight-or-flight mode is likely to be triggered by the same noise, whether there is a real threat or not.  So it is with humans, sometimes. I have found that it takes a conscious training to undo this type of ingrained reaction.

Stupid subconscious insecurities that randomly make themselves known at inconvenient times, I think to myself.

Haha, but I just laughed, because when is it ever convenient? And actually, the point they appear is most likely the point they are meant to appear. Because that is how it is. Thanks, Universe.

Pics from the past couple weeks:

Oswald State Park, Oregon.
No, that’s not me. I wish! 😉



I flew kites!





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