A hole is to dig

I thought I wasn’t going to post much in words tonight, but it turns out I have a lot of things bubbling over and they’re just going to spill out right here.

Sometimes you’re wide open and embracing the world, full of love and hope, everything is colored with promise, and cheesy music plays in the background of your life (possibly “The Hills are Alive” but I can’t confirm that).

Other times, once in awhile (sudden shift in mood music), the world is crowding in on your personal space and you dig yourself a hole and hide in it.

That’s ok. Dig it as deep as you need.
You can even cover the top. You be all comfy in your little hole until you feel like coming back out into the world. I give you permission.
Ok? That’s right.
Need some blankets? Here.
Something warm to drink? Here, whipped this up just for you.
Take your time. You don’t *have* to do anything you’re not ready to do. You are in control of you. If you need this break, you take it. As soon as you feel less pressured, you are more likely to make a good decision anyway.

And this, because it’s amazing. And what I might listen to if I were deep in thought and being reclusive down in a hole.


The Land of a Bajillion Waterfalls

My plan was to take a million beautiful pictures at Silver Falls so that all of you can see and appreciate the absolutely gorgeous state that I live in. But the camera I have been using decided to mysteriously stop working. :/ Let me tell you though – it was a great day. Breathtaking scenery, wonderful earthy smells, mud on my clothes. Here are some pictures from the iPhone.

Me: “Seriously? Look at this. Do you see this?”

The majesty of the falls, and so many in one location…and the green! This land is so lush. I live in an Eden, and I am so grateful to be able to enjoy it.

On to my topic of pondering this last week. I was thinking about love again. I tend to think about that a lot: Self-love. Love of nature. Love for mankind. Love for living things. Everyone wants love, right? Sometimes we want it so much that we either demand it (which tends to push it further from us) or we forget to give it away. And by give it away, I mean give away selflessly with no hidden agenda, or strings attached… not expecting in a critical way or demanding things in return. Just love for the sake of loving another person for who they are.

I think when a person is brooding, frustrated, depressed, angsty or self-involved, though they might be desperate for love, these things tend to hinder their ability to accept it into their lives. Here’s my advice (which I am giving to myself as well);

1) Love and accept yourself. Take care of yourself the way you would want someone else to take care of you. Be more gentle, patient and forgiving with yourself. I believe when you are centered and accepting of who you are, you will attract someone who will also accept you for who you are, and you will also have a greater capacity to love someone else. You’ve probably heard this before.

2) Relax. Let go. It’s ok. Accept what is now. Accept whatever the universe has in store, and that there are good things coming. Also believe that it already exists. Remove yourself from this moment in time and look at all of time from a distance, in one big chunk. See? From that perspective, it already exists.
“But what if it doesn’t exist, ever?” you ask yourself. Well, I think it’s partially our choice. We can close ourselves off to it if we want. We can stay stuck. We can be afraid. We can let insecurities hold us back. Or we can be open and patient.

In a way, we generate our own love by giving it to ourselves and by giving it away…because then we have a greater capacity to accept it, and more love will be able to come into our lives. That’s what I think.

p.s. I hiked over 8 miles up and down crazy paths and my legs are pretty upset with me today. But it was sooo worth it!! I’m going again!

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I’m talking to you

My post is 12 hours late. -gasp-What can I say? I went to bed at 7:30pm. 😛 Got like 9 hours of sleep. I am going to get SO much done today. /flex

Now for my topic: They say that people come into your life when you need them. Either to be a strength and support, or to help you learn a life lesson, or both.

I have been thinking about it this morning; I have so many friends. In some cases it was only a brief initial meeting, but we each gained a friend for life. It is moments like those that make us feel more connected, more a part of life, and somehow bigger than just the earth we stand on. Some of these friends are on the other side of the world (holla!) but just knowing of their existence is enough.

And since I’m feeling all universe-y and space-y, here is a cool pic and link to the NASA Image of the Day page.

NASA – image of the day