You can’t eat all the spring. Just some of it.

Completely distracted by all the hints of spring going on around me. I just joined Instagram (late in the game, I know), and below is a taste of pics I’ll be posting regularly. The first crocuses. Gah! So pretty! I just want to make a big colorful salad out of ’em and eat ’em up.

WAIT!! Don’t do that. The internets just told me that crocus bulbs are in fact poisonous to humans and animals. I can’t find information about the leaves. But don’t fret. You CAN eat nasturtiums. And they are great decoration on a salad. But I digress. Back to my original point: spring is awesome and colorful and a chunk of the reason I’m in such a good mood lately.

yellow crocuses
There’s nothing that says spring like bam! in-your-face yellow.
purple crocuses
purple + yellow = amazing

I tried to catch the white one fully open, but it was too cold and it was still asleep. At 3pm.

white crocus
Shhh it’s sleeping.

I could get into a big ol’ discussion about whether the plural of crocus is crocuses or croci, but I’ve already researched it to the point of losing interest, there are differing interpretations, and I’m sleepy. So I’m going to fold up and tuck myself into bed. 🙂 Happy Soon-To-Be Weekend, everyone!

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