You can’t eat all the spring. Just some of it.

Completely distracted by all the hints of spring going on around me. I just joined Instagram (late in the game, I know), and below is a taste of pics I’ll be posting regularly. The first crocuses. Gah! So pretty! I just want to make a big colorful salad out of ’em and eat ’em up.

WAIT!! Don’t do that. The internets just told me that crocus bulbs are in fact poisonous to humans and animals. I can’t find information about the leaves. But don’t fret. You CAN eat nasturtiums. And they are great decoration on a salad. But I digress. Back to my original point: spring is awesome and colorful and a chunk of the reason I’m in such a good mood lately.

yellow crocuses
There’s nothing that says spring like bam! in-your-face yellow.
purple crocuses
purple + yellow = amazing

I tried to catch the white one fully open, but it was too cold and it was still asleep. At 3pm.

white crocus
Shhh it’s sleeping.

I could get into a big ol’ discussion about whether the plural of crocus is crocuses or croci, but I’ve already researched it to the point of losing interest, there are differing interpretations, and I’m sleepy. So I’m going to fold up and tuck myself into bed. 🙂 Happy Soon-To-Be Weekend, everyone!

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We don’t tan…we rust?

This pretty much represents the week in weather here:
Ah, western Oregon. How I love you and your abundance of rain. It’s why things are so green. 🙂 I do love the rain. I especially love sleeping with the window cracked at night so I can hear it and smell it. So relaxing…so refreshing.


Apparently I’m all about gifs tonight.
Oh, and there’s a thing about umbrellas. There’s an old adage that only tourists have them here? I am an Oregon native and it’s true that I don’t have one. But let me explain. It does rain a lot here, but it mostly drizzles…like a gentle refreshing mist of love kisses from the skies. So it’s not anything that one usually needs an umbrella for. But I wish I did have one because once in awhile it rains hard, as The Doctor is demonstrating.

Also, I’d like to clarify that in the Eastern 2/3 of Oregon it doesn’t rain as much, since it is more of a desert climate. We make up for it over here on the west side though. It is a bit more densely populated on the west side, so I think that’s why we hear about it more. And it really doesn’t rain alllll the time. We had a snowstorm, sunshine, windstorm, and rain all within a week and a half. Yay, variety!

Because of the weather, this has been stuck in my head all week:

Remember this song, guys?? Well, if you haven’t heard it you can thank me for bestowing upon you this educational tune about the benefits of rain.

So that’s what I have to say about rain. It probably won’t be the last I bring it up.

Speaking of rain, enjoy these water drop macro photos by photographer Paul S. Johnson (who also happens to be my dad)

It’s fun to draw on walls

I keep a chart on the back of my bedroom door called a “Gratitude Chart” where I write and draw things that I’m grateful for. I’d show it to you, but…e’body ain’t gotta know all my personal shtuff. The point is that it helps keep me in a positive state of appreciating what I have. And I get to draw on the door (yes it’s on paper, but still fun).

…this piano might be missing some keys…

During the week I heard this: “Gratitude puts us in a state to receive.” It’s been tumbling around in my mind ever since, and I think it’s true.

Sometimes I do want to draw on the actual wall…there’s always white paint, right??

When I’m sixty-four

Snowed in today. My car hates this kind of weather and it reminds me every time I attempt to drive in it. Or maybe it’s my tires that hate it. Or maybe I just hate it? /gazes off into oblivion, lost in thought
In any case, I’m staying put. Thankfully, I have plenty to do here (new job!!!).

The title is because the song is stuck in my head. It does relate to my topic. Kinda.

I had an interesting experience whilst unemployed. I was a full-time student for years, preparing to finish school. Suddenly, I was a graduate with a lot less to do. Even though I knew it was coming, it was a surprisingly uncomfortable place to be. But not just because I didn’t have a job. It had more to do with how I define myself.

I had based my identity and general sense of worth on being a good student, on being busy, multitasking. That’s not a bad thing. I think it’s good to appreciate one’s abilities. But when those were suddenly gone, I grappled with the idea of being ok without them.

This was a good space to be in, because it forced me to accept me without those things. What if my skills were taken away? What if I could never use them again? What if I was limited in the way I creatively express myself? What if I lost the use of my hands? What if I lost my sight? Take away any of those things that can be taken away. What is left?
Am I still ok? Am I still lovable?

Darn right I am.

And so are you.
Because what IS left? What is the most lasting ability we can have? I really don’t want to make this all cheesy, buuuut it’s pretty much love.
Here’s a little sketch I did just for you, to prove my point. Thanks for backing me up, John.

p.s. when I was a kid, I thought the words to that Beatles song were “when I’m six feet four”…yeah. That’s not happening.