Now we can start the super happy fun times!

Hey, you’re here!

(In the voice of Phil Hartman): I’m Katie D. You may know me from such roles as “local piano teacher,” “amateur photographer,” “graduate of WOU,” “outdoor enthusiast,” “cartoonist,” “best mommy ever,” and “singer/songwriter.” Or maybe you don’t know me at all. In that case, pleased to meet you.

Outside my apartment
Outside my apartment

I am starting this blog as a way to organize and share all of my creative interests and things I’m curious about (turns out, I have some a lot).

What things? you ask. Well, things like creative writing, music, photography, art, blogs from fellow bloggers, foreign languages, travel, cool things I find (on the internet and irl), psychological gobbledygook, haijinx I get into with friends, and other stuff I think about and/or want opinions from you about.

I would love to make this a place to share and collaborate, but if you just feel like looking at pretty pictures and reading words, that’s swell!

And to those of you who transferred from my previous blog, thanks for staying aboard!


~ Katie D


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